divination 4 Tarot cards “What do you think about the guy”

Good, when two words without understanding each other. But this is less, than assumed. More often we are faced with understatement, with the desire to get the better, claims and conflicts ... After, even living side by side with a man, we, it happens, We can not be completely sure, we know all about his thoughts and intentions. And if you had to be in a state of separation or a quarrel, then certainly. But the opportunity to sort out the problem situation has, if you decide to entrust this Tarot - an impartial advisor and assistant. "What does he think about me?"- simple, However, interesting layout, охватывающий основные аспекты отношения парня к девушке. To use it you can online, moreover, absolutely free. Select 4 cards, to go to divination

Select a card: "What does he think about me?"
he thinks?
that feels?
his purpose?
Guess again

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